In the beginning we will do the evaluation investigation to the building.

Many times this means greating of suitable measurement system to the item. Sometimes old HVAC equipments and devices are good enough to measure and collect right and suitable data to start the Project itself.

Monitoring the actual usage of energy and power levels are vital when reaching the cost efficiency power saving solutions.
Based on the monitoring at the beginning it will be able to do some fine-turning and adjustments to HVAC -systems to reach a better appearance of systems.
Normally with these small things we could get huge energy saving benefit without expensive investments.



  • Energy efficient LED tubes
  • Energy efficient LED Bulbs
  • Smart and automatized lighting systems
    • Movement detectors
    • Programming
    • Timing
    • Darkness sensors
  • Light optimization
  • Light design and special lighting projects
  • Environmental lighting poles and solutions outside buildings

Led tubes


Thermostat NEW

Smart temperature controlling systems are ideal way to reach energy efficient solution for buildings, especially hotel facilities.


Electronic thermostats provide right temperature at the right time. Thermostats communicate continuously with the cloud service, and in case of a connection failure they work autonomously. Works with most thermostats from major brands also.
Commercially available wireless connection with low power radio solution enables an extremely easy installation and a plug and play connection to the Internet.

You are always in control of your energy. Maintenance and tenant have a remote access enabling real time control, monitoring and reporting from individual room to entire building level.

All your devices in one place giving smart reports, latest algorithms, big data mining, giving you best temperature and energy saving up to 28%.
Wireless single point access to wifi for all your thermostats. Smart signal monitoring and robust RF solution for easy, care free installations.

Accurate temperature using cloud based algorithm background calculations. Advanced room models incorporated to secure best control for each situation. Comprehensive smart thermostat functionality with latest innovations.