We at CleanTech Consulting believe that over time Technology has contributed to the overwhelming effects of our ecological deterioration; however Technology will be the thing to save it. CleanTech Consulting is a company with an arsenal of technical solutions to helping rebuild our ecological health and lessen the carbon footprint of the future.

CleanTech Consulting is a full service Ecological Service Company for Hotels, Office Buildings and Multi-person Dwellings. We offer a variety of products and services to Go-Green. Taking our birthright from mother Finland and continuing our natural and ecological consciousness we take Intelligent Ecological Technologies inspired, created and developed in Finland to the World.

CleanTech Consulting offers cost effective and energy saving solutions for Water, Air, Electrical and Heating. In addition we offer solutions that lower financial impact due to construction and demolition; such as Tile Refurbishment, Pipe Module Systems and Sewer Pipe / District Heating Tube Re-Lining. Where demolition, construction or replacement is either avoided or brought to a bare minimum.

Through our many products and services we can offer our customers/clients financial benefits from both the savings and gains side. By creating leaner expenses and a marketing edge to offer customers giving and advantage over competitors.

As your needs change, we adapt – helping you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new goals.

Dean Dinardi
Sales Director